Letter from the Central Directorate

November 21, 2022

Future Eradynamics establishes three divisions to gain a foothold in the information technology sector and build a global network of resources.

Congratulations on successfully navigating to the news section of Future Eradynamics! We are pleased that you are eager to learn more about the company.

Future Eradynamics, at its core, is an interdisciplinary company that executes numerous business practices in the company environment that the public might find “unconventional.” We aim to build a global network of resources to pursue a vibrant future through diversity — as expressed in our company name, our interest in futurology  powers all of our divisions.

Since 2018, Future Eradynamics has undergone many fundamental changes inside the structure; it is a living framework that will differentiate itself from other companies.

Today marks our entry into the information technology sector. We have witnessed multinational companies and smaller companies compete vigorously in this industry.

To demonstrate our foothold in this sector, we dispatched three divisions: Intrepid, Web Drive, and Sol Relay. Each division will compete and complement each other to solve modern problems.

While we have our gazes on other fields of operation, the majority of the company’s resources go towards our autonomic cloud computing division, Intrepid.

Once these divisions and their services pass our quality standard and are deemed appropriate for public use, they will be open to the public. As this occurs, we will publish more information about the service provided by each division.

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