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A Non-Commercial Project for Neuralink

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Part One


Neuralink Corporation is an American neurotechnology company founded by Elon Musk and others, developing implantable brain-machine interfaces with the ultimate goal of integrating humans with machines. FERD initiatives are to build a functional small scale website prototype to display necessary information. At first, this project was a challenge due to lack of contents, assets, and information available on the Internet; however, with our expertise and collaborations with 3D Artist Aegis Falcon to use one of his Artwork for the homepage.

The outcome of this collaboration is a clean, engaging, and functional design. The homepage filled with Dystopian Atmosphere and Emotions, with a sensational headline copywriting that, elevates Company value to evolve Human Race. This prototype will be updated and improved over time.

Part Two

Home Page

Part Three

About Page

Part Four

Careers Page

Part Five

Finished Mockup

Merging Machine to Biology

We have to figure out some way to ensure that the advent of digital super intelligence is one which is symbiotic with humanity. I think that is the single biggest existential crisis that we face and the most pressing one.

Elon Musk

Founder of Neuralink


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