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Part One


One of my most favourite video games ever made, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an epic world full of adventures and colourful characters that had me immersed and inspired for countless hours back when was released. This state of the art game made by CD Projekt RED has been a creative escape from my daily routine and so I took upon my own adventure of crafting a series of concept designs and animations of how I would have envisioned an engaging web experience of the game.

Keeping a simplified user interface in a full screen mode, the web experience is based on delivering high definition videos, images, rich content and interactive elements engaging users into an online journey into the world of The Witcher.

Part Two

Web Experience Concept

Part Three

Website Navigation

Part Four

Character Screens

Part Five

UI Style Guide

An Industry Legend is At The Helm

Being a mega organization, we have definitely need to do a lot more. And when you want to create an organizations for the better future, you’re going to need help. And that's what Future Eradynamics does.

Chrisjen Avasarala

Founder of Psychasec

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